Company History

Founded in 1960 as a subsidiary of Georg Fischer® (GF) and renamed Orbitalum® in 2006, we are the world’s premier manufacturer of high purity tube cutting and pipe preparation machine tools and orbital welding systems. At Orbitalum we understand the needs of process piping professionals in the aerospace, food, dairy & beverage, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. Every machine we sell and rent features robust designs and ease of operation, constructed of high quality materials assembled with extreme precision. German engineered and built, Orbitalum products exceed the rigorous standards of ISO 9001:2008.

The Orbitalum orbital welding system includes OM series power supplies, Orbiweld weld heads, the Orbitwin switching unit, and the advanced ORBmax digital oxygen analyzer. At Orbitalum we surpass the best features of other systems, while delivering a unique user experience with our easy to use software and one touch control. Engineered and built to satisfy today’s welding professional looking for the best combination of power, features and convenience, these machines deliver precision welds and are easily transported, programmed, operated, and maintained.

Our OM series power supplies offer the best combination of power, features, ROI, and ease of use. Two power supplies are available, the field proven OM 165CA and the high tech OM180 SmartWelder that offers new levels of convenience, power, and connectivity. Both feature advanced integrated water cooling without the need for external water coolers. Adapter cables to connect your AMI® weld heads to the OM series power supplies are also available.

Orbitalum’s Orbiweld enclosed weld heads cover tube and pipe sizes ranging from 1/8in tube to 6in OD pipe (DN6-150). Every Orbiweld enclosed weld head is constructed of the finest materials, and features a unique water cooling design that cools the rotor at its contact point, allowing for very high duty cycles.

Orbitalum cutting products are the perfect complement to our orbital welding systems. For nearly 60 years, first as GF and now as Orbitalum, we’ve remained the industry leader in high quality tube cutting and facing equipment. We manufacture the industry standard GF4, part of the world’s leading series of tube and pipe saws that utilize an orbital cutting motion around a stationary workpiece.

Complementing the GF series, RPG tube squaring machines from Orbitalum are designed to produce perfectly square, burr free preps required for critical, defect free orbital welding applications. A complete range of RPG series tube facers are offered, where the model number indicates the maximum workpiece OD in inches.  Each features precise micrometer feed, deformation-free quick-clamping systems, and electronic speed regulation and stabilization on electric powered models, with many available with convenient cordless drive on select models.

Orbitalum products, accessories and consumables are sold, rented and supported in North and South America through ITW sister company E.H. Wachs and their extensive network of Sales, Service and Rental Centers and Independent Dealers.