Orbitalum Orbiweld 170 Enclosed Orbital Fusion Weld Head

Orbiweld OW170 Orbital Weld Head

Used in high purity process piping applications, the Orbiweld 170 enclosed orbital fusion welding heads from Orbitalum are highly durable and utilize an integrated water cooling system. Coolant channels running through the entire weld head body ensure an excellent heat dissipation that enable the ORBIWELD weld heads to work continuously even at high welding currents and intensive load.

The closed design of the ORBIWELD series and the gas management system of the head ensure a permanent infiltration of the weld seam during welding with inert gas, guaranteeing seams that produce very little heat affected zone (HAZ).


  • Quick change system for clamping inserts that engages and releases smoothly without any tools
  • High durability due to completely water-­cooled weld head housing
  • Durable clamping connections in combination with clamping inserts available for all tube dimensions guarantee that the parts to be welded are clamped securely without misalignment
  • All the important commands for welding can be transmitted to the power supply via a control panel built into the robust and durable aluminum handle, so that no additional remote control is required
  • High-quality, rugged housing and handle parts
  • Highly flexible hose package (Length: 7.5 m/ 24.6 ft) with strain relief to the power supply
  • Cost-effective clamping inserts
  • Comprehensive and customer-specific range of accessories


  • Enclosed orbital weld head OW 170
  • Durable storage and shipping case
  • Tool set
  • Operating instructions and spare parts list


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