Orbitalum Orbital Welders

OM180 SmartWelder

Orbitalum's OM series of compact orbital welders for automated GTAW offer a unique operating concept with a whole series of special technical features. When paired with an Orbitalum orbital weld head, the user has the most advanced, innovative and economical orbital welding system on the market. In addition to default welding parameters using the tube diameter, wall thickness, material, and welding gas, all ­ORBIMAT models include a FLOW FORCE function to reduce the pre-flow gas time when the weld heads are closed. 

The operating concept for our orbital welders is quite different from the typical operating variants available on the market: The operator control features a color display with a single-knob operation used orginally in the automotive sector, and has become the preferred method used worldwide in the "information entertainment systems" in modern luxury vehicles. The main advantage of this style of control is that the gaze of the operator remains focused onscreen.

Other technical refinements of the OM series include a touchscreen on the OM180, softkeys for essential, high-level and quick-action commands such as "Start/Stop". The integrated RTOS (Real Time Operating System) has the advantage that not even a direct, abrupt shutdown of the system will lead to any problems. This is particularly important in areas where power consistency is problematic. The RTOS always focuses on control of the welding process, which is ultimately crucial for the quality of the weld.